Searching and sorting through massive amounts of media

Snapfish succeeds when its users create and order keepsakes from the photos they upload and store on its site. But the company was seeing a huge drop off in the keepsake creation process when users started to select their photos from their full libraries—it was too difficult to search and sort and select when starting with a blank slate.

We worked with Odopod and the Snapfish UX team to streamline their menu UI, and to jumpstart the keepsake creation process by using the metadata inherent in digital images to start the process automatically. By referencing the combination of, say, important people in a unique location for a discreet amount of time, Snapfish can create a draft book about a family’s weeklong vacation in Hawaii—allowing a user to just swap a few images to finalize and print—making the otherwise overwhelming process a snap.

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    Consumer Website

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    Competitive Landscaping
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