A new way to buy a car

Tesla was wise to see the challenges that introducing a high-end electric car to market would present. And to acknowledge that introducing this car from a completely new, previously unheard-of brand would only increase those challenges.

We partnered with Odopod and Tesla 2 years before there were any actual cars to sell with the specific intent of creating comfort and confidence in the new brand and offering. The decision to place concept showrooms and dealerships in highly-trafficked high-end shopping malls was intended to make Tesla a household name and to build the familiarity—and excitement—required to overcome those known marketing challenges. Working closely with the retail architecture team, we designed the user interfaces that still appear on their in-store product information and customization touch screens today.

  • Project Type

    Retail Space
    Large-Scale Installation
    Consumer Website

  • Services

    Content Strategy
    Information Architecture
    User Experience Design

Wireframing the Experience

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